• Vestolit PVC Brands

    Vestolit, a globally active business within the Polymer Solutions Business Group of Orbia, operates eight vinyl resin production sites in North America, South America and Europe. Its vinyl resin products are marketed worldwide under two global product brands – find more information below!


is our product brand for or all general PVC resins:
a complete range of homopolymer suspension PVC


is our product brand for all specialty PVC resins:
emulsion, dispersion, blending, and Copolymer PVC products

Vestolit offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of PVC resins available, providing materials for all known uses of PVC in rigid and flexible applications. Vestolit carries out the vast majority of the polymerization and production processes of existing and commercially viable PVC resins in order to offer a complete line of PVC resin groups: 

for extrusion, calendaring, injection molding and other thermoplastic processing with outstanding characteristics such as: high apparent density, low content of hard particles (fish eyes), high clarity and transparency, high plasticizer absorption capacity, and others.

for calendaring processes and uses in phonographic, inks and adhesives

as specialized material for the extrusion of window and door rigid profiles

for calendaring and extrusion processing

for paste/plastisol processing such as coating, dipping, and spraying

for paste/plastisol processing such as coating, dipping, and spraying

for paste/plastisol processing such as coating, dipping, spraying

for paste/plastisol processing such as coating, dipping, spraying

for paste/plastisol processing such as coating, dipping, and spraying applications

for paste/plastisol processing such as coating, dipping, spraying

processing in coating and casting applications

In addition to this comprehensive line of products, we are not only offering market-leading resin grades, but we are continually developing new customer-centric innovations.

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Find out more about applications we serve

Following please find an overview of applications where PVC is used.

  • Artificial Leather

    PVC synthetic leather is an easy-care and cost-effective alternative to leather of animal origin. The products are durable and can be designed according to almost any pattern.

  • Apparel

    PVC is often used in apparel industry for jackets, handbags and shoes. It is versatile, sustainable and a cost savings over traditional leather.

  • Furniture

    Used in sofas and chairs, PVC artificial leather is versatile, sustainable and a cost-effective solution compared to traditional leather.

  • Transportation

    PVC artificial leather is often used in the transportation industry due to its versatility and sustainability. Typical applications include upholstery and the lining of car interiors.

  • Film & Sheets

    PVC films and sheets are used in both rigid and flexible applications. PVC’s lasting durability and resistance to weathering and corrosion are major benefits in long term use, and in shorter term applications (pharma and food packaging), PVC creates an oxygen barrier to maintain the aroma and flavor and extend the shelf life of the packaged goods.

  • Adhesive Tapes

    PVC is used to produce single-sided or double-sided adhesive tapes, peel-off films on patches or as silicone fiberglass tapes. It can be used transparently and colored as well as printed and unprinted. It is an attractive material for NT foils of every purpose.

  • Commercial Graphic Films

    PVC is used to produce cast film for car wrapping, reflective graphics, among others. PVC provides longer durability and excellent conformability to contours when compared to calendared films.

  • Flexible Films

    Flexible films are often used in packaging. Common applications include food packaging, cardboard viewing windows and medical applications such as blood bags.

  • Geomembranes

    PVC geomembranes are a versatile geomembrane liner material. PVC’s flexibility allows for fabrication into large panels which can then be folded for deliver. This maximizes panel sizes and reduces on-site installation time resulting in substantial savings.

  • Rigid Film & Sheets

    Low cost and ease of processing make rigid vinyl the preferred choice for those applications which require versatility and durability. Among its more frequent applications, the blister pack may be found.

  • Flooring

    Due to their high hygiene standards and ease of installation, PVC floor coverings are a popular alternative to traditional floor coverings such as wood or carpeting in the clinical, commercial and the private sectors.

  • Carpet Tile

    Used in the back layer of carpet tiles, PVC is a durable and cost-effective solution for flooring manufacturers looking to provide a tough carpet backing. PVC resins can provide good mechanical properties and reduced shrinkage and curl of the tiles. Select resins can provide low VOC alternatives.

  • Cove Base

    Vinyl coverings present a cost-effective solution to its wooden counterparts. It is used to protect the lower part of the wall from abrasion and kicks, and serves as a decorative purpose hiding structural deficiencies in the wall. Cove Base may be glued to the wall or fixed to it by mechanical means. It has a very long life-span and does not require high maintenance.

  • Cushion Vinyl (CV)

    Through their foamed layer CV floors provide walking comfort. PVC floor coverings can be designed with a variety of motifs – even individualized.

  • Design Floor (LVT)

    Industry term used for vinyl flooring which resembles natural products, having the advantage of better wear and tear properties due to it extra layering of urethane. Due to the high abrasion resistance, PVC floor coverings are often designed for use in rooms with high visitor traffic. In addition, its seamless surface offers particularly high standards of hygiene. As a result, PVC flooring is often used in doctors’ offices and hospitals, as well as in kitchens.

  • Mats

    PVC is a cost-effective alternative to rubber matting with a high resistance to many chemicals found in industrial work areas. It provides good mechanical properties and is used to avoid shrinkage and curling of the mat edges. Used primarily in the foam backing of the walk-off mat it can also be used in the top layer. Select resins can provide low VOC alternatives.

  • Medical Devices

    PVC is safe for use in the highly regulated medical industry. Products produced with PVC include blood and IV bags, dialysis bags, colostomy bags, medical tubing, examination gloves and medical device components. PVC is a proven safe and cost-effective raw material essential for modern medical care.

  • Profiles & Pipes

    In the production of rigid profiles for windows, flooring, siding, and decking and the production of different forms of pipes, PVC is the ideal choice considering its numerous material qualities.

  • Decking / Fences

    Decking and fences are exterior, high-visibility applications for PVC in which a “natural” appearance is important for aesthetics. Low gloss is particularly important for decking products, where it reduces the possibility of slips and falls.

  • Pipes

    Today most pipes are made of PVC. This material is suitable for unpressurized pipes and sewers and can also be used in the construction of pressurized systems such as for the irrigation of crops. PVC pipes are particularly durable and sustainable because they can be buried underground for a long time with little chance of corrosion.

  • Fittings

    Injected forms to joint PVC pipes in tees, turns,
    reductions, elbows, sockets, adapters, couplings,
    bushings, caps, bends, flanges, stub, clips, nipples,
    nuts and blinds are also made of PVC.

  • Sidings

    Hard foam profiles are particularly suitable as a facade cladding due to their insulating properties. In addition, they are often used in the area of house construction as part of the balcony railings or as eaves. Due to their insulating properties, rigid foam panels are particularly suitable for the construction of doors. Thanks to their low weight and high stability, they are also used in trade fair construction.

  • Technical Profiles

    PVC sheets are often used in the field of apparatus construction for the chemical industry. At the same time, PVC sheets are an easy and inexpensive alternative to tin signs, as they are often found on construction sites.

  • Tubes / Hoses

    Every hose system, from simple garden to transfusion hoses, can be made from flexible PVC. In the medical field, an additional key benefit is the ability of the PVC component to be sterilized.

  • Window Profiles

    Window profiles are made of PVC. In contrast to wooden window profiles, the durable PVC version does not require special treatment or painting due to its weather resistance. In addition, the profiles can be recycled any number of times.

  • Sealants

    Sealants can be used in a wide variety of applications including caps / closures, caulks and underbody coatings. We offer a full range of resins based on the application.

  • Caps / Closures

    Closures are essential to beverage and food packaging. PVC is used in traditional bottle tops removed with a bottle opener, twist off/ vacuum lug closure such as glass jars or sauces for bottles as well as screw caps.

  • Caulk

    PVC is used to provide flexibility and help prevent shrinkage in architectural and industrial caulks. It is also used as a functional filler for improved rheology.

  • Sealants

    PVC resins used in a variety of sealant type applications including underbody coatings, sealants and caulks, caps and closures and general-purpose plastisol.

  • Underboady Coatings Sealants

    Seam seals made of soft PVC are used in the automotive industry. They serve as sound/vibration dampeners and thanks to their good weather resistance, as underbody protection.

  • Technical Coatings

    Technical Coatings include a wide range of resins for various market segments including can coatings, coil coatings, fiber / screen coatings, paint additives, powder coatings and underbody coatings.

  • Can Coatings

    PVC in can coatings is proven safe and effective in the highly regulated food industry. Used as an interior metal can liner, it protects food from the can and the can from the food. Low surfactant content means resins do not contribute taste or odor to packaged food and beverages.

  • Coil Coatings

    PVC resins are used in highly corrosive environments. This robust film provides excellent abrasion resistance while still providing flexibility. PVC is impervious to moisture resulting in excellent barrier properties.

  • Fiber Screen Coatings

    Fiber screen coatings are aesthetically pleasing coated fabric typically used to build sunscreens, insect screens, and fabrics. These coatings allow for low weight of finished product, while providing the desired strength. Other benefits include solar protection and energy savings.

  • Paint Additives

    Used an additive in interior architectural paint systems, PVC is an alternative to conventional gloss reducing agents that can provide better aged viscosity.

  • Powder Coatings

    Powder coatings are used for coating of metals where harsh conditions are prevalent. Provides good physical and chemical protection. PVC is recommended for fluidized-bed and electro-static applications such as dishwasher and closet racks, electrical component insulation coatings and fencing.

  • Underbody Coatings (UBC)

    For protection, PVC is typically sprayed on the underbody. Thanks to its heat, cold, and abrasion resistance properties, PVC is particularly suitable for sound deadening and protecting the underbody of a motor vehicle from rust and stone chips.

  • Textile Coating

    PVC is a versatile, economic polymer often used in textile coatings. It can easily be compounded with other additives and has inherent good fire and chemical resistance.

  • Billboard

    PVC is a common material used in billboard advertisement due to its good mechanical properties, printability and ease of manufacturer.

  • Conveyor Belts

    Conveyor belts can be seen in use at airports and industrial setting. PVC resins used in this application offer good mechanical properties, flexibility and physical and chemical resistance.

  • Tarpaulin & Tents

    The tarpaulins consist of a girder scaffold which is coated with PVC. Due to their low water absorption and good weather resistance, the products are not only suitable as truck tarpaulins for transport, but also as billboards, advertising tarpaulins and tents.

  • Protective Clothing

    PVC provides good protection against many industrial chemicals including acids and bases. Common uses include disposable splash aprons, earplugs and gloves.

  • Fabric Coating

    PVC fabrics are valued for their toughness and superior ability to withstand distortions. Many manufacturers prefer PVC fabrics for their ease of use, versatility, waterproofness, chemical resistance, longevity, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Wall Coverings

    Vinyl wallcoverings, in contrast to paper wallcoverings, are abrasion-resistant and flame retardant. In addition, structural foam wallpapers can be produced in an array of eye-catching designs and textures and are particularly easy to clean.

  • Wire & Cables

    PVC resin provide the ideal coating for electric wiring and cable jacketing, offering protection against electric shock, short circuits, and fire.

Application Brochures

To get more detailled information about our application areas please see our application brochures below.

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