• Vestolit’s Derivatives Business

    Vestolit Business Unit Derivatives has a global footprint with production sites in Colombia, Mexico and Germany.

    In US, Orbia’s Vestolit Business – in alliance with Occidental Chemical Corporation (OxyChem) – operates an Ethylene cracker. This alliance is part of our vertical integration strategy.

Our Derivatives Products

is used in the release agent and lubricant in the plastics industry. See details here!

and Caustic Soda BLUE is essential for various industries like Aluminum, Chemical, Mineral Oil, Textile, Glass & Glass Fibers, Water Treatment, and the food industry. It is used to manufacture pulp and paper, soaps, surfactants, cleaning agents and detergents. See details for Europe here and for LATAM here.

can be used directly to disinfect water; as a raw material for chlorine-containing products (Vinyl, Sops & Detergents, Alumina, Inorganics Chemicals, Organics Chemicals, Pulp & Paper, Textile) and as an intermediate to manufacture non-chlorinated products (e.g. polycarbonates and polyurethanes). Find details here!

 is mainly used in the Chemical Industry, as catalyst for Ethyl Benzene / styrene, for the Ethyl cellulose, for Metal-alkyls and Tetraethyllead. Find details here!

is mainly used in the Chemical Industry for Butyl Rubber, Detergents /Quat. Ammonia Compounds), Methyl cellulose and silicones. Get details here!

are mainly used manufacturing soaps and detergents, for water treatment and in the food industry. See details here!

which are mainly used in the Chemical, Food, Metal-Working Industries as well as for water treatment, sanitizer manufacturing and bleach production, among others. Get details for LATAM or for Europe.

a Pipe Cleaner consumer can buy in Colombian supermarkets – find information about Diablo Rojo here.

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about our product offerings in the regions:


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