• Sustainability

    Become a benchmark for PVC and derivatives greener production, which promotes thriving communities and drives the circularity of its products.

Environmental Statement

Sustainability is an integral part of Orbia’s commitment to advance life around the world. Quite simply, we aim to give rather than take. On our path to become a purpose-driven, future-fit organization, we’re working with governments, the private sector, and local not-for-profit organizations around the world to help bring about a more livable future.

Social Statement

We contribute to improving living conditions of people by providing quality products and services, minimizing the process risks, and creating value to the social progress. And we even do more.

You will find some examples of local initiatives in our community area.

Governance Statement

At Orbia, we’ve adopted strong corporate governance practices that reflect our commitment to the highest standards of corporate ethics, diversity, and compliance. This framework is designed to guide the people who determine the present and the future of our company. It’s how we lay out the mechanisms for achieving our strategic plan, while ensuring full legal and regulatory compliance.

Our Operations

Advance our operations through an emissions, discharged water and solid waste net-zero production.

Our Products

Drive the offer of low impact products and the circularity of the PVC applications.

Our People & Communities

Enhance the health and safety of employees and stakeholders and create value for society promoting thriving communities in the regions in which we operate.

Environmental Declaration

Vestolit GmbH in Marl (Germany), with the largest fully integrated PVC site in Europe, is committed to the guiding principle of sustainable development. Our corporate policy is based on a balance of ecological, economic and social goals.

With the 25th updated Environmental Declaration 2021 according to EMAS, we present the environmentally relevant advancement of Vestolit GmbH.

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Welcome to Future-Fit PVC

We have an evolving portfolio of sustainable PVC solutions, ever-more effective at reducing carbon emissions associated with the production of quality resins. Let our deep expertise find the right solution
to help you make sustainable progress: Future-Fit PVC

Let’s work together to make Future-Fit PVC work for you.

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Caustic Soda Blue

Vestolit’s PVC production plant in Marl, Germany, is fully backward integrated, meaning that the monomer building blocks to produce PVC are manufactured at this same site. An important preliminary product is chlorine, which is produced by electrolysis using salt (sodium chloride). The salt reaches the site dissolved in water via pipeline. In Marl, Vestolit operates a modern membrane electrolysis facility, where the salt solution is separated into chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen using an electric current.

Because electrolysis is an energy-intensive process, electrical energy is considered a raw material. By replacing a portion of the regular electric energy supply to renewable energy, Vestolit can reduce its carbon emissions. And additionally, offer a byproduct made from renewable energy: Caustic Soda BLUE.

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Together, we can push the boundaries for a better tomorrow.

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