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Vestolit has been applying its knowledge in the field of vinyl resin production and marketing for over 70 years. Our customer focus has always been our first priority. As part of Orbia, Vestolit delivers globally through twelve production sites in North, Central, and South America, and as well as in Europe.

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Orbia’s Polymer Solutions business Vestolit is one of the world’s leading raw material suppliers for general and specialty polyvinylchloride (PVC), as well as various derivatives. With over 70 years of experience and a longstanding commitment to efficient production using fewer material assets, Vestolit’s durable and high-performing products are trusted by major industry players and used in everyday applications that improve living standards worldwide.
Innovation and proprietary technologies & services allow to create exceptional value, transforming raw materials into valuable (industrial) products:

From automotive to building and infrastructure to household applications and medical supplies. In addition, Vestolit is renowned for being one of top raw material suppliers for window frame manufacturers and provides paste-making PVC for flooring, wall coverings, tarpaulin fabrics and under-body coatings. Vestolit’s PVC products are mainly used in high quality and durable applications in different market sectors worldwide.

We transform chemicals and materials into innovative products, services and solutions for diverse sectors. By focusing on operational excellence and market needs, Vestolit generates ongoing Total Value for customers, employees, partners, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

Vestolit is committed to sustainable development, offering products produced with non-fossil based resources, and active participation in initiatives that promote a circular economy.

Vestolit has 2,600 employees across 20 production plants and three research and development facilities in North, Central, and South America, and as well as in Europe, serving more than 80 countries through a global sales and distribution network.

We offer a globall leading portfolio of PVC resins and high quality derivatives across various markets.

You can trust in us as being your reliable partner with high quality products & services.

Vestolit has been applying its expertise in the field of Vinyl resin production and marketing for over 70 years.

Our customers appreciate the distinct expertise associated with our application technologies. With this strict customer focus, Vestolit provides our customers with unique benefits that go beyond the high-quality products themselves. If it is our problem-solving competence in logistics, product stewardship or elsewhere.

You can rely on our service!

We are proud of our experts within our application technology centers, in logistics, customers service, product stewardship etc. with extremly high problem-solving competences to serve your needs.

Our customer focus has always been our first priority. As part of Orbia, Vestolit has production sites in North, Central, and South America as well as in Europe.

The clear customer focus is evident in Vestolit’s business development and sales structure. Global customers are managed as key accounts, while customers who are more regional are supported by our local sales teams located.

Our close cooperation with regional sales partners rounds off our presence in more than 50 countries and forms the strategic basis for the worldwide availability of our Vestolit products.

Vestolit is part of Orbia

Vestolit, along with Alphagary, form Orbia’s Polymer Solutions brands.

Orbia is a company driven by a shared purpose: to advance life around the world.

Orbia operates in the Polymer Solutions (Vestolit and Alphagary), Building and Infrastructure (Wavin), Precision Agriculture (Netafim), Connectivity Solutions (Dura-Line) and Fluorinated Solutions (Koura) sectors.

The five Orbia business groups have a collective focus on expanding access to health and wellness, reinventing the future of cities and homes, ensuring food and water security, connecting communities
to information and accelerating a circular economy with basic and advanced materials, specialty products and innovative solutions.
Orbia has commercial activities in more than 110 countries and operations in over 50, with global headquarters in Boston, Mexico City, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv.

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