At Orbia, we’ve adopted strong corporate governance practices that reflect our commitment to the highest standards of corporate ethics, diversity, and compliance. This framework is designed to guide the people who determine the present and the future of our company. It’s how we lay out the mechanisms for achieving our strategic plan, while ensuring full legal and regulatory compliance.

We take our responsibility serious. For decades we are partner of VinylPlus, the European PVC industry’s voluntary commitment to sustainable development, the Vinyl Institute, a U.S. trade organization representing the leading manufacturers of vinyl, vinyl chloride monomer, and vinyl additives and modifiers, the Vinyl Institute of Canada, the authoritative voice for vinyl in Canada and the PLASTICS Industry Association, a US association that supports the entire plastics supply chain, and many others.

Check out more on our achievements with our partners.

At Orbia, we have established a comprehensive set of policies and guidelines to ensure that everything we do is done responsibly and honestly. Each and every one of our actions should reflect our commitment to respect human rights, create an inclusive working environment, and achieve sustainability, to name but a few of our concerns. Our policies and guidelines are designed to give direction and support to the people who determine the present and the future of our company.

All around the globe we continuously work on our certification program to ensure consistent, high-quality products and services for our customers at all our sites.

Click the above link to learn more about our certifications at our sites in Colombia, Germany, Mexico and the United States

Our Code of Ethics reflects the professional spirit in which we at Orbia conduct ourselves and our business. The principles and policies apply to all Orbia employees, as well as our suppliers and customers, so we want to ensure that they understand and embrace our Code of Ethics.

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